Frequent Buyer Points - Accounts - FAQ

Question: Can I print my certificates?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not have the capability to let you print your certificates at this time for any order.


Question: I can't login to my account!

Answer: When transferring to the new Super Saver site, we weren't able to transfer everyone's account over due to the age of the technology powering the old store. But don't worry! We didn't lose anything! You will however have to create a new account. In the top left corner of the screen click on the create account button and you're all set. Accounts are optional on the Super Saver Store now so you are able to purchase without one. If you are having password issues, please use the forgot password button or call us at 651-275-1220 weekdays 9AM-4PM


Question: What are Frequent Buyer Points?

Answer: You must have an account to use this feature. For every (1) dollar you spend you earn a (1) point. When you reach 500 points you can exchange them for $25.00 off your order and so on.. Example..

500 Points = $25.00

1000 Points = $50.00

1500 Points = $75.00

2000 Points = $100.00

To sign up for Frequent Buyer Points you must create a new account in the store and sign up.

Question: My Frequent Buyer Points are gone!

Answer: Not a problem! If you accrued points in the previous store and are not seeing the new balance please make sure you have an account in our new store, or have signed up to receive Frequent Buyer Points. This is now optional in the new store. To do this, in the lower right hand corner is a black tab where you can do this. This will put you in our system and we can then transfer your balance over. You should receive an email once this is complete. If you have any issues please contact Jenna at or 651-275-1220 Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM


Question: What if I want to mail in a check or come in person to pay?

Answer: At checkout there are options below the Credit Card form. You can select pay by mail or come in person. Please mail your check to 104 Main Street North Stillwater, MN 55082. Make all checks out to KLBB Radio.


Question: Do your certificates expire?

Answer: No, Unless it is a seasonal item or date specific item our certificates do not expire


Question: I changed my mind on an order can I get a refund?

Answer: Unfortunately because of the deeply discounted prices, we cannot issue a refund. In most cases we may be able to offer you a Super Saver Store credit, but we are not authorized to issue refunds. Please make sure you are ordering exactly what you wanted. If you have questions or concerns we are more than happy to help you! 651-275-1220


Question: How do I sign up for the Newsletter? How often does it come? Is it only by email?

Answer: We do only offer the Newsletter by email at this time. To sign up for the Newsletter click on the Newsletter button at the top of the page. This will take you to a form where you can sign up. The Newsletter only comes out on Wednesdays. We do send special Newsletters when we get Travel offers, but we promise we won't spam you! We are proud to say we do not sell our listeners information or emails