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Don't let precious memories fade, bring them to Images of the Past in Stillwater. Images of the Past restores aging photos and transfers family videos and films to DVD. Images of the Past will restore black and white photos or fading color photos to good as new condition. They can also enlarge photos and find just the right frame for your family treasures. Images of the Past also transfers old 8 or 16 millimeter films and video tapes to DVD. They'll even add chapters for easier viewing. See their gallery of restored photos and learn more at Keep your precious memories bright and clear.

 Gift Ideas

Give a gift that keeps on giving. Find an older family photograph, a older picture of the family farm or home, or even an old picture of your favorite family vacation. Bring your aging photo to Images of the Past where they will restore it to good as new condition. Pick out a vintage frame and submit this family keepsake as a special gift.

As an added benefit, Images of the Past saves a digital copy of every restored photo. Interested family members can easily purchase additional copies of their own. How often have you given the gift of a photo and soon discovered that everyone in the room wants a copy? No problem. You've already had the photo restored and saved. Family members who want additional copies can call Images of the Past at (651) 439-1252 and place their order. It's a great way to pass family heritage on to the next generation.

Some restoration projects can take up to 8 weeks. As a result, it's never too early to plan for that very special Holiday Gift.

Vintage Frames

 Historic photos demand a vintage frame that reflects their heritage. Images of the Past has a tremendous selection of vintage frames in various shapes and sizes. They'll help you find the perfect frames to display your family treasures.

Transfer Photos to Canvas

Imagine turning precious family photos into works of art. Thats the impression you get when you see restored photographs printed to canvas. Images of the Past now has the ability to print photos on canvas. The finish is superb and doesn't require a glass cover on the frame. As a result, you get none of the glare you often see when a photo is framed in glass. See how you can turn photos into works of art at Images of the Past.


KLBB has many listeners who are interested in researching their family history. Images of the Past can bring this process to life by restoring old photographs and helping you share them with family members. Now that you've discovered the name and story behind old pictures and documents, preseve them for the next generation at Images of the Past. Call them at (651) 439-1252. Here are some links to poular genealogy web sites:

Shoebox Scanning

Everyone has at least one shoebox full of old photos. You'd like to make digital copies but it takes alot of time to scan all those pictures individually. Save time with Shoebox Scanning at Images of the Past. Images of the Past has a new scanning system which allows them to easily scan hundreds of images in no time. Before you know it, you have hundreds of old photos ready to share with family and friends. Having them in a digital format makes them easy to reprint, enlarge, email, etc...

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Images of the Past
218 Main Street North
Stillwater, MN 55082 651-439-1252


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